Friday, March 11, 2016

The Culling (PC) - First Impressions [Early Access Review]

From developer and publisher Xaviant Games comes The Culling, an indie, action-First Person Shooter that’s heavily reminiscent of “The Hunger Games.” Sixteen contestants have twenty minutes to craft weapons and build traps, all while hunting and killing each other in this brutal, battle royale. The Culling is an absolute steal considering it’s currently in its alpha stage. Given that, the game has more bugs than a cheap motel. You’ve heard of beta-testing a game to work out the kinks before, this is one step before that process--and the game needs some pest control. Many times there will be the rogue glitch or two that sours the experience, but overall the game is a fun and addicting adrenaline-filled adventure.  Luckily, this game seems to undergo semi-frequent updates to address the major flaws.

Whether you decide to enter this deadly jungle solo or with a friend is up to you. Just be prepared to get crafty and be on constant guard against your sneaky adversaries. As you progress through the game you’ll earn various cosmetic upgrades to your character like jackets, hats, or goggles. But the real fun comes from unlocking the incredible airdrops. These are all purchased with the in game currency known as “F.U.N.C.”. Combine your drops with some relevant perks to find the best strategy that suits your playstyle, and don’t be afraid to experiment.

As you fight through the grueling gauntlet that is The Culling arena, you’ll notice the numerous ways in which you can die. Being defeated in combat is never usually fun, yet this game goes above and beyond by making it at least fun-ny. A disembodied robotic voice that sounds sort of like a crazy radio host from the 40s will narrate the battle. Whether you’re swapping out weapons in a recycler, healing up, or just checking out the kill count on the scoreboard, this quirky narrator will have you quoting lines while you try to survive.

The Decision

Though the odds may not be in your favor for this particular game, we strongly urge you to jump on board with this growing phenomenon and PLAY The Culling as soon as possible. It will quite literally be a bang for your buck.

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  1. Hmmmm, I didn't hear much about this game before this very post... And it looks quite dumb, according to this video, to be clear. Just what we have here, a generic battle-royal-styled pvp? Don't get it. It would be more entertaining just to pass this game off and play something better, the Global Offensive e.g. :) Not just because it's better balanced and challending one, but also because there is a lot of customizable stuff here, that you can get in lootcases or purchasing best csgo skins in the marketplaces like this. So yet don't see any reason to play The Culling, because all these modes are look pretty poor..